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The Husband Wishlist

The Husband Wishlist is currently being queried for traditional publishing.

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Jessie Lopez has been burned before when it comes to love, which is why when things fall apart with ‘small-dick Brian’, she decides that enough is enough.


After one too many drinks, she and her sister, Anna, come up with ‘The Husband Wishlist’ – a somewhat trivial, and definitely random, list of all the attributes Jessie’s future husband needs to have. It’s a list that sits idle on Jessie’s device for two years, until ‘hot doughnut guy’, also known as Anderson West, comes along…


Jessie finds herself sitting next to Andy on her extremely delayed flight from London back to the States for Christmas. What starts out as free champagne, fun banter, and potential law-breaking behavior on a Boeing 777, soon turns into everything Jessie never expected when she finds Andy crossing off an impossible number of things on her Husband Wishlist. Not only does he have blonde hair brown eyes, but he’s also a Leo, left-handed, and can braid hair.


According to Anna and their overprotective and opinionated ‘Tiger mom’, this might just be the Christmas miracle Jessie’s stale love life needs.

Jessie’s not quite sure she’s ready to accept that Andy could possibly be ‘the one’, though, especially when it’s been less than twenty-four hours since they met.

If you loved 'Holiday Romance' by Catherine Walsh and 'The Unhoneymooners' by Christina Lauren, then you'll love 'The Husband Wishlist'!

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