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10 Dates

Photo by Achira22 from Pexels

Everyone loves a good love story, and everyone loves a good scandal - 10 Dates has both.

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About the Novel: More Info

Libby Evans is a Hollywood socialite and heiress to her great-grandfather’s film production empire, Privileged Pictures. She and her friends are part of the new Hollywood Brat Pack. Anita Yates is a former child star, Willa Nelson is an aspiring model, and Charlie Niven is a hotel heiress and aspiring fashion designer. At 22, Libby has all the money in the world, a gorgeous oil heir boyfriend, and with a Victoria’s Secret Angel contract just within her grasp, her life is perfect!


Unfortunately, Libby’s life takes a wrong turn when she has a little too much to drink at another swanky Hollywood party. So, what happens when 'Little Miss Perfect’ wakes up with a pounding hangover and a naked paparazzo, Wentworth Turner, in bed with her?

Sounds like a Hollywood scandal if it ever leaks!

Libby is desperate to keep this secret away from the tabloids, for the sake of her career and her relationship, and it turns out that that Wentworth wants just one thing in exchange for his silence
10 Dates.  

How far is Libby willing to go to keep her dirty little (Victoria's) secret?

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