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3000 Words

Photo by Achira22 from Pexels

She traded Hollywood for college, but it seems like scandal has followed her all the way to NYC...

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She did it – Libby Evans got into Columbia University! She left Hollywood and The Brat Pack behind and hasn’t looked back. That is until she realizes that getting into Columbia was the easy part… and after things go from bad to worse, Libby ends up on the verge of getting kicked out of school altogether!
The only way she gets to keep her spot is if she impresses Ramsey West - a young, hot-shot Assistant Professor, with a 3000 word extra credit essay.

Unfortunately, Ramsey isn’t willing to go easy on a privileged Hollywood socialite who has already missed two assignment deadlines. Libby also isn’t a fan of Professor West’s harsh demeanour and arrogance, no matter how tall, blonde, and ridiculously sexy he is. 

Is Libby willing to do what she needs to do to convince Columbia to let her stay, and is it what she really wants?

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