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Shhh... Secret Teaser Chapter #1 is LIVE!

Thank you so much to those of you that have supported the "10 Dates" publishing journey so far, especially our beautiful ARC readers and reviewers! As a little treat to all, those who have read "10 Dates" and those who haven't, the 1st April was the release of one of (what I hope) will be THREE secret teaser chapters! ICYMI, these secret teaser chapters are chapters from the "10 Dates" manuscript that have been written in a different POV for you to get a different perspective on some of mine and the reader's favourite chapters in the book! The 1st April gave us 'The Chapter with Beer & Bowling' from Libby's POV (instead of the original Wentworth's POV).

If you haven't yet read 'The Chapter with Beer & Bowling' don't fret - all you need to do is subscribe to the website and you'll be emailed (within 24 hours) the passcode to access this secret chapter!


B xx

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