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Quiz: Which Brat Packer are you??

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

The first of, what I hope are, many fun things for the 10 Dates website!

If you've read "10 Dates" (even just the sample chapters!), you'll be familiar with the new Hollywood Brat Pack made up of Libby Evans (supermodel), Anita Yates (actress), Willa Nelson (swimsuit model) and Charlie Niven (fashion designer). Throughout the novel you get to know these 4 girls very well so I thought it would be fun for the readers to see which one of the Brat Pack they are most like! (I was obviously Libby Evans, haha).

So head to the 10 Dates website homepage and play along:

You get your results as soon as you do the quiz! If you'd like to receive the graphic for your result please send us an email ( or PM us on Instagram (@10datesnovel). Happy weekend!

B xx

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