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Bridget's debut novel "10 dates" is captivating, engaging, hilarious and a great read! I am so thrilled to see what else she has in store and can't wait to read her next book!


This novel was sweeeet. I admit when I read the blurb I was afraid it wouldn’t be my kind of thing but I ended up really really enjoying it!!! The characters in this novel (although some may be shallow Hollywood gals) were incredibly written and so multifaceted which is a big pro for me!!! Wentworth had me very suspicious at first but his character shaped up to be the perfect guy for Libby.


I hate to spoil too much in reviews so I’ll leave you with this:
-I loved this book despite it not being my go to genre
-I grew very attached to the characters in hereeee (looking at you Wentworth)
-I LOVE enemies to lovers and this was a sweet take on the theme


Over all, amazing!!! Bridget is obviously such a multitalented person!


This book!!! I had such a fun time reading it. I really liked how it ended and how despite being painted as a shallow, self-absorbed person, we got to see how Libby really is as a person. 

Side note - I found it so funny that all the members of The Brat Pack were all some type of the stereotypical rich kid, wannabe model or actress. I found their personalities that were kind of the same but somewhat different so entertaining.

Overall, I really liked the book and had a fun time reading it!!


Libby Evans life was perfect! She had a rich Dad, rich friends, and the perfect rich boyfriend. She had an Angel contract in her grasp. Until, one drunken night shook up her perfect life.

My love for this book is unimaginable.
I didn't think I would be able to get past the “Hollywood Slang”, the word “paparazzo”, or even just the rude attitudes of each character in the “Brat Pack”. All of it though just helped me understand each character more when they were together and apart. Libby Evans was a whole other person when she was with her “Brat Pack” but Wentworth got to meet the real her and as the dates went on we got to know her and see some very vulnerable sides of her. After that I became a big fan, rooting for her to realize how amazing she was past all the fame.

Each character had so much depth making me love this book even more!

Now Wentworth! I had some very mixed feelings about him in the beginning with the whole blackmail aspect, but that just goes to show that this book really went with the “nobody is perfect” theme. As his character developed and of course as they went on more and more dates I fell in love. You could tell just how much he cared for Libby with all of his patience.

Overall I loved this book. If you like a little bit of drama with your romance, and a lot of “omg! she did not just do that!” moments. I would definitely give this book a read. It’s funny, sweet, dramatic and at times pretty deep.



CHARACTERS - 3.5 / 5
WRITING - 4 / 5
PLOT - 3.5 / 5

"Come find me if one day you see the light, the light that you've brought to my life, the light that I've always seen in you."
- Wentworth Turner, 10 Dates by Bridget Van Der Eyk

A beautiful novel that shows the importance of true and honest company. I initially thought I wouldn't be a fan of the characters because of the 'Hollywood' way in which they spoke but I personally love the way it highlights the difference in Libby's character when she's with her friends and Libby when she's with Wentworth. It allows us to see just how much her character has developed over time and how she chooses to rise from the troubles she faces.

I felt that the characters were wonderfully written. The depth of each character was well thought of—quite ironic because they're meant to be 'shallow' but that just proves how well the author understands her characters. I started with a love-hate relationship with Libby but just like Wentworth, we both fell in love with her eventually ;). Wentworth is, in a nutshell, the perfect golden retriever male lead. He's loving, caring and so very supportive of Libby no matter what and seriously makes me want a Wentworth all for myself.

I love their 10 dates agreement because it was like watching them progressively fall in love with each other which was absolutely adorable. Once the meaning of the last date clicked, I swear I got chills!

PROS: A unique plot with an unconventional agreement
CONS: The switching of point of views were quite confusing but I eventually got the hang of it
FINAL THOUGHTS: I can't wait for all of you to read this; it was drama and romance all in one and really makes you crave for a person who just listens and cares for you :)

Thank you Bridget for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review!


Socialite Libby is determined to keep her big secret hidden and so she agrees to go out on 10 dates with Wentworth Turner, someone she considers to be scum of the Earth.

I had a lot of trouble getting into this book initially. The backstabbing friends, rudeness and petty attitudes were tough for me to digest and it was hard to relate to any of the characters. Thankfully as the book went on the characters did flesh out more and Wentworth was a wonderful distraction. I would recommend this book to anyone that’s into Hollywood gossip, Sex and the City and a sucker for a good enemies to lovers story!

Sarah & Amanda



Um, excuse me, where can I find my Wentworth Turner?! That man is everything you could ever want in a man, and then some. He’s kind, sweet, understanding, compassionate, and goes out his way to build you up and encourage you to follow your dreams. It wasn’t until the third date that I began to like Libby, as she came across as very entitled and spoiled which immediately got my back up. But by the time the fourth and fifth dates arrived I began to see her come out of her shell and open up, and to my surprise I found her to be funny and kind and someone who I could see myself getting along with. I love that all of the ten dates were different so we could see Libby and Wentworth in different settings and situations. This was a fun read to break up my other books!

Thank you to Bridget for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for my review.


This is a book that I truly cannot wait for you all to read. Bridget Van der Eyk has written such a special story that involves the elite of Hollywood and the paparazzi that torment them. The way that she portrays the clique of Hollywood socialites, from models to heiresses, is simply ingenuous. They are such a group of back-stabbing bitches, and while I’m sure it is not the case for everyone there, I can definitely see the realism in their encounters.

Libby Evans is a soon-to-be Victoria’s Secret Angel who has a billionaire boyfriend and a seemingly blissful and glamorous life……….until she mistakenly comes in contact with (swoon) Wentworth Turner. From there, Libby and Wentworth embark on a series of 10 Dates.

A love story for the ages unfolds before our eyes, and I could feel it happening before Libby did in the story! You know – those aches in your heart 💜 and butterflies 🦋 in your stomach. Of course, like most love stories, there are many downfalls and tribulations throughout and I never really grasped how it was truly going to end until it hit.

10 Dates is the perfect romance novel to hit you in all the feels. Do not hesitate to get your hands on a copy as soon as you are able to do so.

Kirsten Elisabet

If you are a fan of Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, or a steamy love story, THIS is the book for you. There is friend drama, industry drama, and relationship drama. The Characters were developed well and I fell in love with half of them, and have a deep hate for the other half. I couldn't put this book down and definitely recommend it!


This book made me nostalgic! If you read The Clique series growing up (I was obsessed) then I think you would really enjoy this. It gave me grown up version of The Clique mixed with some Gossip Girl vibes.

Wentworth Turner… where do I even begin?? This man is a dream! The way he goes about getting his 10 dates is a little sketchy but I guess a man’s got to do what he can when it comes to hanging out with the Hollywood elite. I really enjoyed his character and the way he helped Libby realize things about herself that she probably wouldn’t have realized without him.

Now to Libby. In the beginning of the book she drove me crazy. She was spoiled, entitled, selfish.. I suppose everything you would image a supermodel to be. After hanging out with Wentworth, though, you got to see her true colors. I feel like she had great character development and I was really rooting for her at the end.

Thank you to Bridget for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for my review!


I was over the moon excited when @10dates reached out and asked me to read and review 10 Dates. This book was a lot of fun to read though at first, I had my doubts.

The book revolves around Libby Evans (supermodel, heiress, and leader of the infamous "Brat Pack"), her absent billionaire boyfriend, and impending Angel's contract with Victoria's Secret. Insert one juicy secret that could upend it all and Libby's desire to protect it, at all costs. The price she pays is going on 10 Dates with Wentworth Turner.

The characters are everything you would expect from the Hollywood elite and were difficult to like at first. However, as we progress through the 10 Dates, we begin to see Libby for who she really is as she learns the importance of genuine relationships. By the end of the book, I was rooting for Libby and came to understand her on a deeper level.

Overall, I liked this book and hope to read more from this author! The plot was well executed and kept me wanting to know more.

This is such a slow burn romantic love story! Getting to know the characters was such a roller coaster ride due to the excruciating attitude of the Brat Pack ahha. But once you got into it, the story just instantly click and flows. The dates got progressively intimate emotionally and the ups and downs in the story was just chef kiss muah so realistic. Besides, this is not your normal boy meet girl and failing in love ever after but instead it has so much depth and dimensions to it- they are actual smart people with hopes and dreams and the ending is so beautifully crafted. The symbolism of light is so witty and overall 10/10 You have TO READ THIS!!! PS: the last date is the perfect setup for a sequel so I'm really looking forward to it :DD



I received an ARC of 10 Dates and I really liked it!

Libby is an up and coming model with a dream boyfriend and an elite group of friends…at least that’s what it looks like on the outside. Enter Wentworth, a charming paparazzo who lets you get a glimpse of the true Libby.

I think this book flows great and gives you a glimpse at the reality of navigating life in your 20s (even when you are rich and famous) and allows you to try and look below the surface, although sometimes you CAN judge a book by its cover (lookin at you Libby’s shitty friends).

I think once the author works out a few kinks, this book is going to be fantastic! As is, I couldn’t put it down.


The story of Wentworth and Libby and her Brat Pack friends is a fast and fun read. But it also has depth. The blackmail theme is a little unsavoury and shows Wentworth definitely has some maturing to do, and so does Libby, who has led a very privileged life so far and needs a bit of a reality check.

But this isn’t a story about redemption. It’s a story about how money talks, how friendship is fickle, and how parts of society thrive on scandal and gossip.

If you’re looking for a bunch of nice characters, you might be disappointed. If you’re looking for a realistic portrayal of navigating friendship and relationships in your early 20s (albeit against a mega-wealthy background), then “10 Dates” is the story for you, because life doesn’t always go back to its happy place like it does at the end of the half-hour television show.

Life is messy. People make mistakes. People make bad decisions. People contradict themselves. People undermine others to take their crown. People cheat and lie and shout and fight. People don’t always stand up for themselves when they should. But they also love. They share their heartbreak. They laugh. They kiss. They talk. They trust. They even sometimes get their happily ever after.


10 Dates is a fun journey into the lives of Hollywood’s elite. Life is going great for Libby Evans - she’s a member of the Brat Pack, has a billionaire oil heir boyfriend, and is about to finally achieve her dreams of earning her Victoria’s Secret wings. That is, until a drunken mistake leads Libby down a rabbit hole that she can only get out of with 10 Dates.

I really enjoyed exploring the life of supermodels. There is so much fun and fashion. The chemistry between the characters draws you in, but the Hollywood drama keeps you craving more


I loved the story line! The book kept me intrigued til the last page.


If you like fashion, gossip and Sex and the City vibes with a bit of Victoria’s Secret to top it off then this is definitely for you. I’m not a girly girl, that’s why this book was not really for me. Still, I recommend.


Libby Evans is a beloved supermodel, heiress, and the leader of the Brat Pack of Hollywood. She seems to have everything and if she doesn’t have it yet- she will. But when she finds herself in bed with a man that is definitely not her oil heir billionaire boyfriend after one too many Jell-O shots, she is adamant on keeping this scandal a secret. So what does she agree to? 10 dates. 10 dates with a paparazzo, otherwise referred to as the scum of the earth.

I’ll be honest, I did NOT think I would like this book when I first started reading it. Libby and her Brat Pack “friends” were horrible. They were petty, rude to staff, selfish, toxic, and beyond disloyal. But as much as I disliked the characters at first, the story was unputdownable! Libby grew on me throughout the story, especially when she was with Went (oh my darling Went 🥺). I love how you get to see all their insecurities and their pasts that explains how they got to where they are. The story flowed effortlessly and always kept me entertained. There were definitely points where I wanted to throw my tablet across the room but fortunately did not. I couldn’t fathom the amount of pressure and responsibility it would take to be someone who the world looks down at under a microscope. The strength Libby displayed definitely helped her growth throughout the story, regardless all her bad decisions. I loved the ending (oh how I wanted to run Ace, Charlie, and Christine over with my car) and couldn’t be happier that Libby finally found her light 🔆


This was such a fun romance read! Libby and all of her friends start out as the kind of mean, spoiled characters that you just love to absolutely hate. They are part of the Hollywood celebrity hype in their own little Brat Pack and they won’t let you forget it.

When Libby wakes up after a party next to a handsome paparazzo, Wentworth Turner, she agrees to go on 10 dates with him so he won’t leak their little tryst to the press and ruin her relationship with her boyfriend and her prospect of a Victoria’s Secret Angel contract.

I loved all of the gossip, drama, and watching Libby and Wentworth’s business agreement go from basically blackmail to something a lot sweeter. Libby definitely becomes a better version of herself and learns a lot about friendship on her way there. Wentworth is adorable (for a blackmailer) and I liked their banter and how genuine their connection was despite the circumstances.

This was a cute, quick read. Would recommend for anyone who likes their romance dramatic without a lot of steamy scenes!


I will admit when I first starting reading this, I did not think I was going to enjoy it. I actually HATED Libby and her friends. By the end I did find myself caring for her because of how the story followed Libby’s journey and character development!

After the dates started between the supermodel and the paparazzo I was unable to put it down! I love the way Went brought out the best version of Libby 🥰

“Libby Evans is a Hollywood socialite and heiress to her great-grandfather’s film production empire, Privileged Pictures. At 22, she has all the money in the world, a gorgeous oil heir boyfriend, and with a Victoria’s Secret Angel contract just within her grasp, her life is perfect! Unfortunately, Libby’s life takes a wrong turn when she has a little too much to drink at another swanky Hollywood party…

So, what happens when ‘Little Miss Perfect’ wakes up with a pounding hangover and a naked paparazzo in bed with her?

How far is Libby willing to go to maintain her flawless reputation and keep her dirty little secret?”

This was such a fun read!! 


10 Dates' vibe: Gossip Girl goes Hollywood. This theme plays throughout, with scandal and who's who, who's talking about who and who's wearing what playing the biggest factors.

Plot: Libby, an up and coming Victoria's Secret Angel wakes up in bed with the wrong man who is definitely not her boyfriend. To avoid a scandal she agrees to, you guessed it, 10 dates with him. Her friends/frenemies smell the scandal a mile away and trouble brews...

This is a fun read! For spicy readers, this book is more of a fade to black and wake up the next day thing, so it's not very spicy in that sense. However the gossiping and backstabbing adds the spice and makes the book addictive to keep turning pages, or in my case scrolling the PDF!

You will hate these people. They are mean, self-centered and obnoxious. So you're probably praying they self-destruct just like I did! But this makes them fun to read about. Like a tabloid you shouldn't read or that reality show you shouldn't watch but spend a weekend binging.

This is for a younger audience, probably similar to Gossip Girl's. Sometimes this got to be overly explanatory. The drug references at the beginning also made me laugh a little because you can tell the author isn't overly familiar with drugs (this is good, stay unfamiliar!). Both of these factors stop playing into the story early on and it becomes faster to read and a lot more engrossing. It's definitely not off-putting enough that you won't enjoy the story.

Wentworth is also a bit boring compared to everyone else. Have you ever noticed that in so many romance novels the guys are kinda dull so they seem like the Prince Charming? (No one is more boring than Prince Charming!!!) However, I think the author wanted him to be a good foil to the new Hollywood "Brat Pack ". It was very effectively done. His time with Libby was a big contrast to her outings with the girls, showing how Libby was acting and who she was thinking about letting herself be.

Overall, this is a fun and easy read. Breezy like a good bite of gossip.


10dates is a page-turner, the story that keeps you hooked to it💗

I love reading Young Adult and this book was not an exception either. I loved how the author put up a dream casting on their page, that just made the story even more interesting as I could visualize the protagonists as real-life celebrities😍

When I started the book, I pretty much thought Libby Evans and the BratPack were a group of rude, shallow, spoiled young ladies who came from wealthy families😒

But as I progressed through the story, it was so refreshing to see a different side of Libby, she seemed as normal as a person can be🥰

She was intelligent, witty, and an outgoing personality. I always envisioned supermodels to be what these girls were at the start of the book but now I see them from a different perspective thanks to the novel🧿

And what can I say about Wentworth Turner, he was everything a girl needs. His supportive, understanding, encouraging personality touched me💕

His character was just what the story needed to make it even more intriguing. I loved the plot and the storyline. Being a city girl myself, I could relate to it a lot🌆

The concept of 10 dates was put across smoothly and every date that they went on had something different about it and it didn’t seem repetitive or boring at all. I also loved how the book ended especially💙

A lot of times some stories feel incomplete somehow but your last chapter is my favourite, it just summed up everything. With all of this being said, I did wish that when Libby thought that she had lost everything, she could have been portrayed as a bit more vulnerable figure and the confrontation scene with the Pack could have been more aggressive/emotional🥺
It would have just been a bit more intriguing for me to go through that emotional journey with Libby. Overall, an interesting book I would recommend ❤️


Supermodel Libby Evans sleeps with someone after a night of too many drinks. Just so happens, this someone is Wentworth Turner, a paparazzo, who Libby sees as the scum of Hollywood. Libby is desperate to keep this quiet, so she does the one thing Wentworth asks from her. Wentworth wants 10 Dates with Libby.

So when I started this book, I totally thought the main character Libby was a bitch 🤣 As the story went on, I became totally obsessed with the characters and couldn't put it down. I love the storyline, I love the enemies to lovers, I just love it all. The characters all have flaws but I really loved reading about them, it just made them more real. I am definitely a mood reader and this was just the perfect romance for me!

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